Friday, April 27, 2012

An announcement that's been due...

So, it's been a long since my last post...what's new?

Well there is something new actually! It's a little sad that I haven't said it yet, but I recently started a little online business in which I sell vintage jewelry. I'm actually so surprised how much I enjoy the hunt to find cute and under appreciated pieces. It basically started when I was trying to find out some info on a necklace I had bought for myself. Well low and behold I came across a website which has this huge niche of vintage jewelry sellers and I got the idea 'hey, maybe I can do something like this'! A few hours of scouring my personal vintage jewelry collection, and then a few trips to some second hand and vintage stores later - my first couple of pieces were ready to be put into a store! Then a few more hours online setting everything up with pictures and viola...Jam and Jelly Picnic Vintage Jewelry was ready to be shared with the world!

I'm hoping in the course of the next few weeks this blog will start evolving to show off my love of not only vintage jewelry but also other things that are a reflection of my new venture. New pieces I might find, retro influences I come across everyday, and goodness knows what else! Anyone is free to send suggestions of where they would like to see this blog go, and of course please also help support the new Jam and Jelly Picnic name by checking out my Etsy shop. :)

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